Horizons Kindergarten Health Set 地平线幼儿园健康课程套装

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    Publisher :  Alpha Omega Publications






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    ISBN-13 978-0740316999 


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Start teaching your homeschooler essential health lessons with Horizons Kindergarten Health Set! Complete with a teacher's guide and student workbook, this set includes 48 step-by-step, age-appropriate lessons with teaching materials and suggested puppet dialogues, along with colorful student visuals and hands-on activities. The set also covers Christian-based topics like family, friendship, safety, body care, and more!





Teach your homeschooler about essential health topics with the colorful and print-based Horizons Kindergarten Health Set from Alpha Omega Publications! Containing everything you need, this complete set comes with a soft-cover teacher's guide and a consumable student workbook that explain God's will for healthy living to young children. Age appropriate and easy to teach, this Christian-based course lays a solid foundation for healthy living by using puppet dialogue and lesson activities to examine topics like living with family, getting along with others, being safe, and taking care of the body. The step-by-step teacher's guide includes 48 lessons, along with a list of needed materials, objectives, lesson overviews, related activities, and more!

Recommended to be taught two to three days per week, Horizons Kindergarten Health Set also comes with a student workbook that has over 40 colorful student visuals and activities. Perforated for easy removal, these resources complement topics taught in the teacher's guide. The course's activities include coloring pictures, matching and identifying objects, cutting, and tracing letters. Able to be used with any schedule, this flexible, Christian-based curriculum can be integrated with other subjects or taught as a stand alone. So, why wait? Start your child's health lessons right and order Horizons Kindergarten Health Set today!