A Parent's Guide to Mastering LIFEPAC® Management 生命课程家长管理指南

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Ready to homeschool with the LIFEPAC curriculum? Hunting for a helpful resource that will explain this Alpha Omega curriculum and give you teaching advice? If so, you need A Parent's Guide to Mastering LIFEPAC Management! This soft-cover guide offers a complete overview of the LIFEPAC curriculum, grade levels and subjects, and more!


准备好使用生命课程的家庭学习? 寻找一个有用的资源,使用这个阿尔法欧米茄课程,并给你教学建议? 如果是这样,您需要一本家长指南来掌握生命课程管理! 本指南提供了生命课程,年级和科目等的完整概述!



Are you eager to start homeschooling your child with the LIFEPAC curriculum? Need a homeschool resource that will show you how to use the LIFEPAC curriculum? If so, Alpha Omega Publications has just the tool you've been looking for—A Parent's Guide to Mastering LIFEPAC Management! This invaluable soft-cover guide is filled with helpful information to assist parents with the day-to-day procedure of a homeschool program using the LIFEPAC curriculum. Divided into three sections, this guide, made for beginners and experienced teachers alike, offers a complete overview of the LIFEPAC curriculum, information on grades and subjects, and a What to Know About section packed with valuable, in-depth tips and advice on homeschooling. Sounds great doesn't it?

But wait, there's more! A Parent's Guide to Mastering LIFEPAC Management will fully explain the LIFEPACs design, diagnostic tests, self tests, and teacher's guides in a step-by-step manner, complete with detailed descriptions and actual sample pages. How convenient is that? And this handy Alpha Omega curriculum guide also covers grade levels PreK-12, methods for teaching spelling, resource book ideas, math solution keys, and penmanship programs. Brimming with useful homeschool advice, this informative guide also offers information on graduation and credits, classroom management, answer keys, reading and extracurricular activities, motivation and discipline, and elective options! Sound like a lot? And that's only the half of it! So if you're looking for a detailed explanation of the LIFEPAC curriculum, add this guide to your teaching resources today. Don't wait, order A Parent's Guide to Mastering LIFEPAC Management now!




您是否渴望通过生命课程开始在家教育您的孩子?需要家庭教育资源,向您展示如何使用生命课程?如果是这样,阿尔法欧米茄出版物只是你一直在寻找的工具 - 掌握生命课程的家长管理指南!这本非常宝贵的软封面指南充满了有用的信息,可以帮助家长利用生命课程进行家庭教育计划的日常操作。本指南分为三部分,面向初学者和经验丰富的老师,全面介绍生命课程,成绩和学科信息,以及关于如何在家教育方面提供有价值的深入提示和建议。听起来不错,不是吗?





Resources  资源 

Scope and Sequence   课程内容范围和目录